Geology Talks: Petrified Forest National Park: Investigating the Age of the Kayenta Formation (Glen Canyon Group) in Northern Arizona

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Prescott Public Library
Founders Suite A & B

Event Details

Paleontologist Adam Marsh will present on the fossil-rich Kayenta Formation which includes the earliest sauropodomorph, ornithischian and large-bodied theropod dinosaurs in North America, as well as the some of the earliest modern turtles and crocodyliforms in the world. Unfortunately, in the absence of pollen, ash layers and marine index fossils, the age of the Kayenta Formation has only been hypothesized as Early Jurassic using vertebrate biostratigraphy. Marsh will discuss the first U-Pb detrital zircon dates from the unit in order to put into context the early evolution of theses major vertebrate groups in North America.

Geology Talks is hosted by the Central Arizona Geology Club and presented with funding from the Friends of the Prescott Public Library. This event includes an opportunity to "show and tell" and ask questions of Geology Club members.

Event Type(s): Adult Event
Age Group(s): Adults, All
Presenter: Adam Marsh
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