This Month in History with Bill Weiss

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Prescott Public Library
Founders Suite A & B

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Historian Bill Weiss will discuss two important anniversaries:
 June 17, 1972: On this date, Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington’s Watergate Complex was burglarized by members of the White House “Plumbers” unit—secret operatives, including ex-CIA members, whose job was to stop leaks of classified information and to gather intelligence on President Nixon’s “enemies.” 

June 24, 1948:  On this date, East German authorities, backed by Soviet troops, cut off road and rail access to West Berlin, as well as electrical power, hoping to force American, British and French occupation forces to leave the city.  In response, President Harry Truman organized the famous Berlin Airlift, which daily flew tons of food, fuel and clothing to desperate West Berliners, forcing the Communists to lift the blockade 11 months later.

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